emTr0.com: February 2015

Saturday, February 7, 2015

15 Programming Languages You Need to Know In 2015 & Those I Plan To Learn

The website Mashable recently posted an article focused on which programming languages would be most beneficial to learn based on industry need and popularity. They listed the following 15 as programming languages that should be learned in 2015:

  1. Java
  2. JavaScript
  3. C#
  4. PHP
  5. C++
  6. Python
  7. C
  8. SQL
  9. Ruby
  10. Objective-C
  11. Perl
  12. .NET
  13. Visual Basic
  14. R
  15. Swift
Of the above listed programming languages, I'm currently learning Python (thanks to Coursera and Udacity) and will hopefully learn others in the future. I'm a little behind since I'm done with my schooling and programming was barely part of it but I definitely want to learn a few now, even if it's just for casual usage or to help out with open source projects. 

Which programming languages do you know or want to learn? Do you agree with the order in which Mashable listed the programming languages?

By the way, the photo I used in this post is from one of my all-time favorite movies, "Hackers". It shows the virtual reality interior of the Gibson supercomputer. If only I'd known I'd be so interested in programming when I first saw this movie. Better late than never.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Free Google Play Music Album of the Week: Kaskade - I Remember

Kaskade I Remember Album Cover

I swear it seems like Google is offering free albums specifically catered to my taste in music, even the country albums which I like and never thought I would. Fresh in the Play Music store and available for free is "Kaskade: I Remember" of the Dance/Electronic genre. This album by DJ Ryan Raddon comes complete with 20 of his songs. Get it in the Google Play Music Store and enjoy some great, free music!

Amazon Selling 12 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership (Card or Code) for $39.99!

Microsoft Xbox Live Gold 12 Month Membership

This is either a smart move by Amazon or just a coincidence. A few days ago I mentioned that Battlefield Hardline is available for open beta play and pre-order, and today I saw that Amazon is selling 12-month Xbox Live Gold memberships at a discounted price of $39.99, normally $59.99. If you're not a member yet or are up for renewal, you may want to jump on this deal since it probably won't be up for too long. There doesn't appear to be a limit on how many you can purchase at once and you can choose between a physical card or an online code.

If you're wondering why you should consider Xbox Live Gold membership, one of the many reasons is free games every month along with other benefits, such as access to music and video streaming apps and services, and free movies and shows from providers like Crackle. Enjoy!