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My last blog was focused on technology and coding even though I strayed from that focus with some posts. This blog takes a more general approach that isn’t focused on just technology and coding, it’s focused on whatever I want. The name “emTr0″ is a mash-up of my name. It stuck when I started using it as a gamertag for Xbox so now it’s my username for pretty much everything.
Some of my interests which I’ll blog about include gaming, movies, music, technology, coding, web and believe it or not, Android. I say believe it or not because I’m the original/former Founder and Executive Editor of BlackBerryRocks.com. I no longer own the website, though. BlackBerry has fallen below accepted smartphone standards and after doing some research, I decided Android was the next platform for me.
That pretty much sums up what this blog will be about. Here are some of my internet profiles:
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